Our Core Values

We are committed to the development of a representative workforce engaged in the advancement of social and environmental initiatives. We believe that a diverse workforce is critical to our success, and we continue to focus on the hiring, retention and advancement of women and underrepresented populations. We have focused our recent efforts in four areas: inspiring innovation through an inclusive and diverse culture; expanding our efforts to recruit and hire diverse talent; advocating and facilitating affinity group engagement; and identifying strategic partners to accelerate our inclusion and diversity programs.

Environmental Commitment

Environmental Commitment

Our environmental sciences teams work with customers to protect and preserve our natural surroundings. Sound environmental management is essential to the health and safety of our surroundings and is a critical aspect of the development of any energy, transportation, or community development project. With a focus on the environmental impact of a project, a comprehensive plan requires solutions for issues such as water scarcity, climate change, managing environmental liabilities, regulatory obligations, risk management, and good environmental stewardship. Our team of scientists and licensed professionals possess a broad range of experience in natural resource inventories, wetland delineations, and threatened and endangered species habitat assessments for conservation, development, and infrastructure improvement projects. Our environmental teams have developed, or contributed to numerous regional habitat conservation plans, statewide parks planning assessments, and endangered species research, planning, and compliance projects.


Our commitment to corporate governance is evidenced by our seasoned and capable board of directors. The individual and collective experience of our independent directors demonstrates our focus on the importance of sound oversight and our commitment to the creation of shareholder value. Through oversight and a disciplined approach to independent corporate governance we have fortified the existing iron wall of integrity that dictates our approach to the stewardship of public investment in our stock.

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