The Bowman investment thesis is simple.

We are a profitable engineering services growth story. We deliberately operate a low risk business model that serves attractive end markets and a diverse customer base. A committed and invested founder leads us along with an experienced and tested executive team. Our long-term relationships with repeat customers and multi-year assignments provide reliable revenue visibility.

We are deliberate about managing risk and therefore limit our exposure by providing professional and related services exclusively. We do not engage in general contracting activities either directly, or through joint ventures, and therefore have no related exposure. We are not a partner in any design-build construction projects, and we carry no equipment inventory. Our risk of contract loss is generally limited to the cost of internal labor cost associated with fixed fee, professional services assignments.

We have substantial experience with acquisitions. Over the past ten years, we have successfully completed 16 acquisitions of engineering and consulting services companies including our most recent acquisition of KTA Group in January 2021. Our acquisition strategy is to identify targets that align with our culture and permit rapid integration rendering the acquired entity’s operations fully consolidated into ours within one year.

We are an agile, growth-oriented company committed to providing essential technical and professional services to a broad base of long-term and repeat customers. The recurring needs of our customers for technical services to monetize and operate their assets makes us essential to their ongoing operations. Today we serve over 2,200 customers with more than 65% having engaged with us for multiple assignments over the past three years. We deliberately focus many of our business pursuits in environments where laws and regulations create a level of complexity that places a premium on the value of our services, thereby providing us openings to develop new customer loyalty through creative problem solving.

Our dedication to growth of opportunity for our employees has enabled us to attract and retain exceptional talent. We embody a set of cultural values that promote entrepreneurship, personal growth, and responsibility. We are committed to advancing diversity and inclusion in our workforce and believe we have built an organization uniformly aligned in its mission, values, purpose, and goals.